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Topological & Algebraic Models of Social Interaction Recent years have witnessed an explosion of research in the theory of evolutionary networks, with important


Consulting, Analysis, Advice Our main focus is advanced mathematical modeling of complex data sets: 2D and 3D Automated Graphs Layout Custom Data Structures


GALENUS™ Cooperating with experts in the pharmaceutical information space, we have devised a new mobile app to disseminate pharmaceutical information in real-time.


Who We Are

HoloMathics could be best described as a federation of academic and industrial researchers/practitioners who come together for  interdisciplinary projects at the very frontier of research.

HoloMathics, LLC, was founded by Mirco A. Mannucci, Ph.D. in December 2005, with the specific goal in mind of creating an industrial arena for tackling the analysis of holosystems, particularly social communities.



NeuroScan I

A new post on MEDIUM on how to peek under te hood of PyTorch models! Check it out here


Please check out my new MEDIUM post on MEDIUM: WalkGPT is born!

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