Who We Are

HoloMathics could be best described as a federation of academic and industrial researchers/practitioners who come together for  interdisciplinary projects at the very frontier of research.

HoloMathics, LLC, was founded by Mirco A. Mannucci, Ph.D. in December 2005, with the specific goal in mind of creating an industrial arena for tackling the analysis of holosystems, particularly social communities.


It begins with a name: Holo-Mathics is a neologism made of two greek words, holos (whole), and mathesis (learning).

Holomathics = Mathematics of holosystems

What is a holosystem (holistic system)? It is a system that cannot be simply described as the sum of its parts. Holistic systems abound: the human body, protein networks, the world wide web, the financial market, and scores of others. Some authors have even argued that all real-life systems are ultimately holistic. Be that as it may, it is certain that our interconnected age is bound to deal with holosystems, and to find ways to understand them.

Traditional approaches, based on reductionist assumptions such as linearity, deterministic behavior, etc., will inevitably oversimplify the model and fail to account for the richness and the beauty that hides behind raw data.

HoloMathics LLC is the 21st century company that rises up to the challenge: we bring to bear cutting edge mathematical tools developed by us and our highly qualified academic collaborators to model your world in a holistic way.

As the saying goes, the Map is not the Territory. But, we wish to add, without a good map one is lost.

HoloMathics gives you the map you need!