After  years of painstaking research on web social communities, we have entered a new phase:

We have designed and coded a new engine, called the Social Hypergraph Engine™(S.H.E.) , which implements our data structures for modeling social web life.

SHE extends conventional social graphs, by adding new hypernodes and hyperedges representing interests, common goals, and other factors of social aggregation. This engine is totally agnostic as far as the type of social network it models goes. SHE comes equipped with new algorithms for clustering people around areas of shared interests, and also it contains new metrics to assess the distance of individuals and groups in the extended social graph, as well as to navigate efficiently in the tangled social web.



A new web social application based on SHE, GaldraLand™ , is about to enter its Alpha 1.0 Release. GaldraLand™  will help people find each other, merge into newly discovered adventures and teams, and ultimately help creating a real society out of the fragmented social web.



Cooperating with experts in the pharmaceutical information space, we have devised a new mobile app to disseminate pharmaceutical information in real-time.

Galenus Alpha 1.0 will be ready by end of October 2016.



We are about to release the alpha version of a new geolocation and interests aware news aggregator, available in IoS and Android format. Why not  listening to the news that are relevant to you now, wherever you are?

Search is past, push is present.



Finally, we are branching out into a new sector, IoT. Here, in cooperation with ADP Idrosteril, we are building a new suite of products called DomoSteril , which merges IoT, Domotic Control and UV based sterilization. Again, stay tuned, announces are imminent.

Last Update 09/27/2016